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J. Eugenides "Middlesex": gender and sex issues


Darbas anglų kalba. Lyties ir dvilytiškumo nagrinėjimas J. Eugenides knygoje "Midilseksas". Introduction. Gender and sex. Story of the stephanides family. The oldest generation. The middle generation. The youngest generation. The life of calliope stephanides. In quest of self identity. Transformation period. "Monsters" in our society. Conclusions.


Middlesex is a historical novel, written by an American short story writer Jeffrey Eugenides. At the centre of the story is an interestingly twisted yarn in the voice of the Stephanides family "latest product", whose gender identity is complicated by a genetically inherited hermaphroditism. The problems of gender and sexual discrimination are very relevant nowadays. People of another orientation encounter with these problems every day, especially at work and other public places. Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, homosexuals, hermaphrodites and people of another orientation had been physically threatened or attacked, harassed at work, suffered ill treatment or other forms of discrimination. One of the most important instances in Europe is the Europe Court of Human Rights, where discriminated people can appeal for help. "The court was the first international body to find that sexual orientation criminal laws violate human rights and has the longest and the largest jurisprudence in addressing sexual orientation issues" (http://www.hrea.org/index.php?base_id=161). Though all the people are different and everyone has a right to choose what he wants to be (his sexual orientation), we should raise tolerance towards individuals of another gender.

The object of the work is the issues concerned with gender and sex in the novel "Middlesex", written by Jeffrey Eugenides.
The aim of the present research is to disclose peripeteia of the main hero’s self-consciousness in the context of gender and historical background.
The investigation sets up the following objectives:
1. To review theoretical issues on gender and sex.
2. To present historical background of the Stephanides family.
3. To render how certain historical events might hinder the process of awareness of one’s gender identity.
4. To elevate tolerance toward people of another gender.
The relevance of the work. The subject about gender and sex has been investigated by many researchers and academics. One of them is Ph. D. Milton Diamond who in his work "Sex and Gender are Different: Sexual Identity and Gender Identity are Different" analyzed the main problems of sex and gender, introduced the readers with men and women’s roles, and produced examples from peoples’ life. Also we could mention a book "Sex, Gender and Science" written by Myra J. Hird, Queen’s National Scholar and Associate Professor in Sociology at Queens University, in which she examines the understanding of "sex" and "gender", describes new developments in the natural sciences, and explains sexual difference.
Although the problems about sex and gender have been given comparatively much attention, nevertheless the research in this field is necessary, useful and interesting.
As regards the structure of the work, it consists of: an introduction, the main part, which includes three chapters, conclusions, and a list of references and sources the linguistic evidence was drawn from.
The introduction presents the subject of the work and defines the field, the aim, the objectives and the relevance of the present research. First chapter studies and explains the meaning of terms "gender" and "sex", and also briefly analyzes what is "sex identity" and "gender identity". In the second section there is presented the story of the Stephanides family. The telling about the oldest generation – grandparents – is very important in the second part. The third chapter is intended for Calliope Stephanides, to say it in other words, it focuses on the youngest generation of the Stephanides family. Conclusions are presented in a separate chapter. (The results of the research have been generalized in conclusions.)
Practical value of the work. We presume that the research and the data collected for it might be useful for students conducting research in fields concerned with gender and sex problems or in some special courses.
A survey of theoretical issues necessary for the analysis is presented bellow. ...

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