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I. Murdoch "The sea, the sea"


Darbas anglų kalba. Airisė Merdok "Jūra, jūra". Ironical characterization in the novel "The sea, the sea" by Iris Murdoch. Introduction. Types of irony. Ironical aspects associated with the sea. Ironical descriptions of the surrounding. Ironical attitude to the protagonist’s life. Conclusions.


Before analyzing any novel, a through attention should be paid to the author’s viewpoint on life, historical surrounding and sometimes on religious and philosophical believes. Any writer has his own life, his own views and these virtues usually are disclosed in his works. Going deeper into Iris Murdoch’s creative heritage it should be said that her multifaceted aesthetics and moral philosophy attract considerable scholarly attention, and Murdoch is regularly taught in contemporary British courses in universities throughout the world. Murdoch believes that she writes in the English realist tradition, and her writing has been compared to that of George Eliot; however, she is also frequently compared to Fyodor Dostoyevsky, whose illustrations of the struggle between good and evil have influenced her writing. She believes it is the artist's duty to create real, free characters who behave according to human nature, not merely as the puppets of their creators. To this end she focuses on the inner life of her people, which projects their spiritual awareness and explains their actions. However, her refusal to write "as a woman" and her insistence on presenting "the human condition" are consistent with her aesthetics. She feels she is presenting the world as it is and by this she criticizes a male – oriented society undercutting the reliability of her male narrators who are frequently egoists.
Religion and experimentation with beliefs that would accommodate the ideas presented by the contemporary world have been important issues in Murdoch's novels. She has repeatedly stated that she does not believe in a personal God or in an afterlife. Her moral philosophy, however, has continually involved her in the religious debate, and most of Murdoch's later novels show an increased interest in religion, particularly in the aspects of Quakerism and Buddhism that relate to her moral philosophy. Murdoch has often called herself a sort of "Christian-Buddhist" and claims that she is drawn to these religions because they are concerned with losing one's ego. She also considers unorthodox religious issues because they are a part of the search for meaning in life. All her perceptions of life, man’s inner world and its transformation, ironic situations where the main character happens to find himself in and characterizations raise questions: Are man’s inner transformational processes really ironic just because they stand in confrontation with the outer world? What is illusion: visible world or man’s inner understanding of it? These two questions should be considered as basic ones in analyzing her novel The sea, the sea, because the novel could be understood differently by different readers and critics. It depends on the readers understanding of life, on his religious orientation and knowledge of philosophical and religious issues of the East. Irony in this novel is not the main literary device of expression. Knowledge of man’s psychology gives clue to looking to the heroes of the novel from a different angle which gives way to free interpretation of the actions of the main hero. I will try to present the analysis of the characters and actions from the point of view of irony and alongside I will try to go deeper into understanding psychological reasons for the main hero’s behavior, thinking and motivation in different life situations. ...

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